About me

Tomasz Bagdziński, Ph. D., attorney at law.

A graduate of the Jagiellonian University Law Faculty.

A scholarship-winner at the Katholieke Universtiteit Leuven in Belgium and the Catholic University of America in the United States. While working on his Ph. D. degree taken in the Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences in 2004, he stayed at the Yale University as Research Associate and at the Georgetown University as Research Scholar holding a scholarship of the Kosciuszko Foundation. Currently an affiliated academic at the Centre for Antitrust and Regulatory Studies (Faculty of Management) at the University of Warsaw.

Tomasz Bagdziński started his professional career in 1998 as a law clerk at Hogan & Hartson LLP in Washington DC, then worked at the Warsaw branch of Allen & Overy and as an In-house at Telekomunikacja Polska S.A. He is a member of the Competition Law Association, CARS, ABA and International Competition Network.

His professional practice includes advisory services and representing clients such as Visa International, Deutsche Telekom, Wienerberger, TP SA, Stroer Poland, Vision Express SP and giving trainings as an expert of Polish Competition Authorities.


Consumer protection regulations

For Clients operating on B2C market we offer comprehensive advise on wide range of business matters, with a primary focus on competition law, consumer protection and regulation matters

Marketing and advertisement regulations

We offer comprehensive legal assistance in respect of advertising including opinions on advertising materials. We also carry out comprehensive reviews of press releases in terms of contents violating third party rights and the limits of acceptable criticism of press releases.
We also advise entrepreneurs in the field of business operations via the internet; we develop and give our comprehensive opinion on the rules and regulations of providing on-line services, e.g. rules of internet shopping, as well as principles concerning any means of promotion.

Competition Law Torts

Infringement of competition rules – private enforcement

We help to assess the grounds for an injured by competition law infringements party’s claim as well as building a strategy to defend against potential competition claims.

Competition Law

We represent clients before Polish and European competition authorities as well as courts. We advice on antitrust law matters, including compliance programmes. We support clients in the construction of B2B and B2C co-operation schemes. We give opinions on the compatibility of distribution agreements and conditions of distribution from the point of view of compliance with antitrust regulations.


Recent news

Tomasz Bagdziński (as an expert of Polish Coompetition Authority) gave final training on bidding cartels in Lublin.
Rzeczpospolita (legal pages) published an article by T. Bagdziński on competition law consequences of tax optimalisations (http://www.rp.pl/Postepowanie-podatkowe/310309967-Optymalizacja-a-uczciwa-konkurencja.html&template=restricted)
Tomasz Bagdziński took part in a conference dedicated to Prof. Tadeusz Skoczny and presentation of a commemorative book, where T. Bagdziński wrote a bit (https://www.ksiegarnia.beck.pl/16826-wyzwania-dla-ochrony-konkurencji-i-regulacji-rynku-ksiega-jubileuszowa-dedykowana-profesorowi-tadeuszowi-skocznemu?lipi=urn%3Ali%3Apage%3Ad_flagship3_profile_view_base_recent_activity_details_all%3BeaDVHjhrST6DpM9gyeUUHQ%3D%3D), której jednym z autorów jest T. Bagdziński.
Tomasz Bagdziński (as an expert of Polish Coompetition Authority) gave second training on bidding cartels in Kielce.
Tomasz Bagdziński spoke on a PIKE conference about de-concetration of media in Poland http://konferencjepike.pl/
Tomasz Bagdziński (as an expert of Polish Coompetition Authority) gave first training on bidding cartels in Rzeszów.
Like in previous years Tomasz Bagdziński participated as an arbiter in arbitration moot court by Lewiatan.
Tomasz Bagdziński gave a lecture about Competition law on IT markets on ALK’s post grad studies on new technologies.
Tomasz Bagdziński conducted a workshop for Polish Competition Regulator and judges of Competition Court on limitation of a liability and omission of practices.
Tomasz Bagdziński took part in a workshop on effectively combating cartels, hosted by Polish Competition Regulator.

11.10. 2016 r.
Tomasz Bagdziński took part In the meeting with prof. M. Jacobsem at Warsaw University where prof. Jacobsen gave lecture – The Durability of the Chicago School in Antitrust: What Accounts for it?

8.09.2016 r.
Tomasz Bagdziński took part in the conference by Transport Manager in Wrocław, where he spoke about potential action agains truck producers due to the European Commission’s decision of 19th July.

Selected publications

1. Case-law, European Courts on Competition 2004-2009, Wolters Kluwer Warsaw 2010, author of a gloss,
2. Microsoft – Case Study. Competition Law on Hi-Tech Markets. Wydawnictwo Naukowe Wydziału Zarządzania UW, Warsaw 2008 (co-author)

1. Arbitration and competition law – some input into the dispute (A polemic), IKAR 4(4) 2015;
2. Palestra nr 7-8/2013, author of a gloss;
3. (1) Further voices in the Amendment Debate, (2) Antitrust law in the USA. A subjective overview of the developments of recent months, IKAR 7(2) 2013;
4. Differentiation between entrepreneurs (on the basis of the public task criterion) and its legal consequences. Case comment to the judgment of the Court of Appeals in Warsaw of 21 April 2011 President of Office of Competition and Consumer Protection v Polish Football Association and Canal+ Sp. z.o.o. YARS Vol. 2012 5(7) – author of a gloss;
5. “Microsoft and Competition Law in the US and EU”, Problemy Zarządzania No. 3/2004;
6. “Irreversible Effects of Temporary Measures”, Rzeczpospolita Legal Pages, December 2004, article on temporary measures in decisions of competition protection authorities;
7. “European Thread of the Microsoft Case”, Rzeczpospolita Legal Pages, May 2004, article on the decision of the European Commission on abuse of its dominant position by Microsoft;
8. “Smoke-screens”, Rzeczpospolita Legal Pages, April 2002, article on proceedings against tobacco companies in the US;
9. “With no Harm to Competition”, Rzeczpospolita Legal Pages, March 2002; article on remedies in merger analysis
10. “Flagship in the Storm”, Rzeczpospolita Legal Pages, February 2002, article on anti-monopoly proceedings against Microsoft in the US (co-author);
11. “Poland’s New Competition Law”, Global Competition Review, April 2001, article on amendments to Polish competition law.


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